Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Just in case YOUR glass shower ever spontaneously combusts...

My dear friend, Jen Migonis of Migonis Home, told me I should blog on this. And, in the spirit of really wanting to get into blogging, I listened.

If you follow me on Facebook (which lets face it, you do, since the only way you found yourself here is by clicking the link on my page) then you might have seen the minor surprise that we experienced shortly before Thanksgiving. Our glass shower spontaneous combusted. (Thankfully, no one was in there.) 

If you don't know me, you might find it odd that even before the shock of the whole ordeal wore off, my brain launched into "I know my shower just exploded BUT, this shattered glass is really pretty and I NEED to do something with it"

So, just in case your shower ever looks like 

(seriously Elmo, don't look so happy)

and this...

and gives you a whole lot of 

Turn the remnants of your disaster into something fun.

Go from FIASCO to FABULOUS in FIVE minutes!

(Just, please, wear gloves. 
Whoever gave this stuff the name "Safety Glass" 
was clearly misinformed.)

Doesn't it have such a glamorous and wintery feel??

You'll see these again in a few weeks after a little Christmas Gathering we are hosting.
  Never too small of an occasion for a tablescape!!! 

I know... seriously.

That's all for now!

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  1. Love it!!!!! Way to make lemons into lemonade... Errr shattered glass into ohh la la centerpieces. :)